In life we are juggling relationships, sometimes well and sometimes not so well. Now before you begin wondering why Mandy is muttering in this area, please be assured that I am not talking the ‘boy meets girl and they end up living happily ever after’ relationship. I am going to ask about three important relationships in our lives, but one at a time.

Question number 1… How is your relationship with God?

How are you going in this area? Is it an area of intimacy, a struggle or somewhere in between? Do you feel at ease in this relationship or perhaps feel distant from God? My experience is that how I am going with God certainly impacts the rest of my life.

In thinking about this, I am thankful for the journey God has had me on. For years as the MS very much limited my ability to read…actually to do much … I struggled to spend time with God on a regular basis. (I am very thankful for the technolopgy that now enables me to read from a Kindle or PC.) Yes, there were ways I could have done this but I think my default setting became that of not persuing this relationship as well as I coukld of. I was almost relieved to have my eyes opened to this fact and to learn to value the time I spend with God and the freedom this has given me.

So how is your relationship with God? If you are struggling or overwhelmed, try reading a psalm a day. Be honest with God. He wants us to be open and honest with Him. Talk with a friend and ask them to journey with you during this time.

So how is your relationship with God?

For anyone reading this who doesn’t have a relationship with God or is seeking God, have a look at the webste






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