How are you going … ?

How are you going … ?

Last time I ‘muttered’, I began with the first of three questions I wanted to ask about relationships. So how have you been going in your relationship with God?

Next question? “How are you going relating to yourself?” I must admit that I was a bit shocked when first confronted with this question and in Matt. 22:40 we are commanded to “love all mankind as we would love ourselves”. Love ourselves? That sounded a little narcissistic?

Of course it’s not. We are God’s workmanship. What is there not to love about God’s creation? If only it was that easy? Circumstances can very much dictate so much of how we relate to ourselves. We know also from the book of Romans that creation groans.  But we must value ourselves.  Nurture this relationship. Cherish this relationship.

(I am in hospital while writing these thoughts. I need to be very aware in this relationship.)

Take time to consider how you are going relating with yourself. This can, and does, influence so much in our life – our health, our ministry, our relationships


One thought on “How are you going … ?

  1. It’s true that we Christians aren’t so good at loving ourselves but you are right, Mandy. It is so necessary to esteem ourselves worthy of caring for ourselves. I hope your stay in hospital us helping and that you will soon be home again . With love and prayers


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