Third Question?

How are you going relating with God?

How are you going relating with yourself?

How are you going relating with others? Yes, this is THE third question.

This answer requires you to do some self-evaluation on a different level. Specifically, what ‘wake’ do you leave as you interact with others? I found this question a little daunting when it was first posed and potentially don’t ask it of myself a lot. So it is actually good to write this blog and ask it of myself again.

Wake? Imagine you are on a cruise liner looking out over the stern. That’s where you will see the wake left by the liner. Sounds romantic? Generally yes but sometimes it is not a pleasant vista. Now imagine you are the cruise liner and the wake illustrates what sort of impression you leave. Are people bobbing around enjoying a smooth wake or are they struggling to stay afloat in a tumultuous wake as they relate with you?

In some respects, only you can answer this question. But a trusted friend may be able to help you evaluate this area. Please take the time to do this as you live life. How you relate with others can so influence your ministry, witness for Christ, and even yourself.

So the third question? How are you going relating with others?


One thought on “Third Question?

  1. hmmm…hard question, especially in terms of what wake do I leave behind me. I know what I’d like to think my wake was like. But I tend to remember the times I’m aware of leaving a negative wake behind me that’s discouraging to others. My guess is we probably all do both.
    It does matter to me so I want to more often leave others better off from spending time around me than otherwise…but I also want that to come from me being real and not just being positive and saying what people will like to hear. Sometimes to desire to leave behind a good wake might lead me to not be myself. I don’t think pretence can be good influence. It needs to be self-control for the sake of others.
    Oh dear, I’m thinking too much again 🙂 …but that’s me!


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