Have you met Hagar?

I recently met Hagar. Yes, Hagar from Genesis 16 and what a privilege it was to meet her. I have also met other ‘Lost Women of the Bible’ in Carolyn Custis James’ book of the same name. So why did I enjoy meeting Hagar?

Hagar was Abraham’s concubine ‘given’ to Abraham by Sarah when she sought to bring about the fulfilment of God’s promise to Abraham. This promise was of him being the father of many nations. Sarah had concluded, and reading the story not without good reason humanly speaking, that she was not going to bear Abraham a son. Then when Hagar did become pregnant, she was despised by her mistress. Go figure? She was a slave, Egyptian and with no value in anyone’s eyes.

This is where it gets interesting. To escape this situation she ran away but God sought her out. She had gone into the desert to die and this is where God found her. She had amazing value in God’s eyes as do all His children. Even more amazing to me was that God told her to return to Abraham and Sarah! I think if I were Hagar I would have preferred the ‘You poor thing. I will care for you’ option from God. But He told her to return … and she did!

She also gave God the name of ‘El Roi’ – the God who sees me. It is the only recorded time in the Bible of anyone giving God a name … and it was a woman who did so. So it was great to meet Hagar.

Are there times when you feel invisible, be it as you are on campus ministering, a mum, someone who is sick or just caught up in the busy-ness of life? I’ve been there many times. Please know that God sees you!

He is El Roi – the God who sees me.





One thought on “Have you met Hagar?

  1. Hi Mandy.
    I’ve always loved this name of God and Hagar’s part in it. I really value that God sees me. One of my favourite truths to encourage me is – God knows, which is like this.


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